Wooden Pipes

The wooden pipe is the perfect accessory for the beginning smoker. It is a traditional pipe, and is popular among the casual smoker. A really great wooden pipe is a classic accessory, and one can never go wrong with this simple choice. They are usually more affordable, because they are easier to make and do not last as long as the glass versions. However, they come in a number of styles and colors, and can often have elaborate carved designs that simply are not possible with their glass counterparts. A wooden pipe is inexpensive, but that certainly does not mean that the pipe is not as good, or is somehow inferior. In fact, wooden pipes work extremely well, and offer a smooth, clean smoke. Wood pipes can look classic, like a grandfather’s pipe of old, or ultra-sleek and modern, sometimes even with vaporizing technology. A wood pipe is a must have for any serious smoker.

Wooden pipes are traditional. Of course, while some people think this means they do not work as well, or that they are different, this is just not true. A wooden pipe is an incredible type of pipe, and it works just as well as a glass pipe. For centuries people used wooden pipes exclusively, and there is a hint of old world charm that comes from using one today. They hold smoke in a beautiful way, and they can also be designed in ways that glass cannot. For example, wooden pipes can be hand carved, and full of intricate designs, which are just not found in glass. Now, wooden pipes would not be used if they did not offer a comparable smoke to glass pipes, and this is why they are so popular. In fact, any collection should include both wooden and glass pipes, because each style has its merits. Of course, if budget is a concern, a wooden pipe will fit better into a lower price range.

Wooden pipes have both benefits and drawbacks. First, they are affordable. This is a plus because oftentimes those who would use pipes the most are college students, and they are looking for the best deals. Wooden pipes work very well and are impressive, so their affordable pricing makes them a rather attractive option. However, wooden pipes are still not as wonderful as glass pipes, because they wear out more quickly and the wood is porous whereas glass is not. A glass pipe is a better investment, but a wooden one can be just as useful.

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