Sherlock Pipes

The sherlock is a tSherlocklass pipe that resembles the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, traditional pipe. Anyone who is fan of these books, or the old style of pipe they helped to popularize, will certainly love to add a Sherlock to his or her collection. They have a unique and noticeable style, and they make a great conversation starter. They are also easy to use, like any of the glass pipes you can buy on our site. However, the Sherlock is set apart from the rest because of its very different look, and the way that it works. Because of the multiple chambers, the Sherlock pipe makes for a totally different smoking experience, and those who use these interesting pipes certainly love them. If you are a frequent smoker, or are looking for a gift for that smoker who seems to have everything, a Sherlock can be the right answer. It is different, has multiple chambers, and makes for a great addition to any collection.

The Sherlock pipe can be made of either glass or wood. Our website contains both options, but tends more toward the glass pipes. Now, both wood and glass pipes have their merits, but the sherlock pipe is usually made from glass. This is because glass means that it can come in a number of styles, and a series of different colors. While the wooden pipe is the more traditional looking sherlock, the glass pipes offer a different smoking experience and stand out in any collection. Sherlock pipes have multiple chambers, and the smoke smoothly travels through them and exits in a clean fashion. Sherlocks are great to share with friends, because the chambers make it easy to use. Generally, sherlocks are for more experienced smokers, or for collectors who already have started a serious collection. They afford the user a different smoke, and they have a fun and unique style that everyone is certain to enjoy.

A Sherlock makes a great purchase because it is so different. Sherlocks are modeled after Sherlock Holmes, and the pipe is a departure from the regular pipe. This pipe is available in either glass or wood, and each idea has its merits. Wood makes the pipe look more traditional, and in fact can even serve as a great costume piece. However, the glass provides a better smoke and the pipe will simply last longer. Each option is great, but for durability glass is definitely the right way to go. Of course, we are available to answer any questions you could have on this subject.

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