Animal Glass Pipes

An Animal pipe is a fun and capricious pipe intended to speak to a creature. These funnels are produced using our amazing glass, and make a superb expansion to any smoker’s gathers. Like the majority of our funnels, the creature channels are for use with lawful tobacco items, h,owever they are an awesome method to […]

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The Basic Glass Pipe

A conventional glass pipe is as straightforward as it sounds: a pipe produced using top notch glass. These generally arrive in an assortment of hues and styles, and there is surely one to suit each taste and spending plan. These funnels are like the mainstream wooden channels, just they are substantially tougher and don’t enable […]

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Wooden Pipes

The wooden pipe is the perfect accessory for the beginning smoker. It is a traditional pipe, and is popular among the casual smoker. A really great wooden pipe is a classic accessory, and one can never go wrong with this simple choice. They are usually more affordable, because they are easier to make and do […]

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Sherlock Pipes

The sherlock is a tSherlocklass pipe that resembles the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes, traditional pipe. Anyone who is fan of these books, or the old style of pipe they helped to popularize, will certainly love to add a Sherlock to his or her collection. They have a unique and noticeable style, and they make a […]

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The glass pipe, at first glance, looks a little bizarre. Perhaps you have mistaken it for something used to repair a toilet, but in fact, the glass pipe is a very useful little pipe, and the strange design is actually part of its secret charm. The glass pipe takes the traditional pipe, and improves upon it, which is why this pipe is a little more expensive, and also why it is worth every penny to be sure. Like the glass pipe, there is a bowl in which the tobacco is inserted, and smoking is perfectly simple. Unlike the glass pipe, however, in a glass pipe, there is an additional glass behind the bowl. This glass serves to mellow out the smoke, ensuring a drier and cooler smoke by the time it meets your lips. In other words, glass pipes allow for a nice, smooth smoke, and this is why they are a favorite with those who have been smoking for a while.

Best Glass Bongs

The glass pipe is different from both glass and wooden pipes.

They are usually made from metal, or coated in it at least. They have an industrial look, which many people enjoy. glass pipes are special because they are different, and because they are the only pipes made in their unique style. glass pipes are named for the additional glass behind the bowl, which means that the smoke travels up through the glass and mellows out before reacher the smoker’s mouth. This makes the smoke smoother and easier to smoke. Now, all of this extra engineering means that a glass pipe costs a little more than a traditional glass bong, but the unique style and incredible smoke are well worth this additional cost. The difference will be noticed by heavy smokers, which makes it an incredible gift for the smoker who has everything. These glass pipes can be purchased by first-time smokers (and collectors, of course), but they are usually beloved by smokers who are looking to try something new. Some people believe that using a glass pipe makes for an unbeatable experience.

A glass pipe is not for the faint of heart. Some of the drawbacks to this device are that first time and light users may find it overwhelming. This is recommended for heavy users, although it will not harm the users who are less accustomed to smoking. Still, because of the unique shape and the fact that it creates a heavier smoke, we recommend that this pipe is used by those who have the most smoking experience. Of course, this means it also makes a great gift for a smoker who is looking to recreate his first tobacco high. 

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